Dart SDK overview

The Dart SDK has the libraries and command-line tools that you need to develop Dart web, command-line, and server apps. To get the Dart SDK, see Get Dart. If you’re developing Flutter apps, then you don’t need to separately download the Dart SDK; just install Flutter.

To learn about other tools you can use for Dart development, see the Dart tools page.

What’s in the Dart SDK

The Dart SDK includes a lib directory for the Dart libraries and a bin directory that has these command-line tools:

The command-line interface for creating, formatting, analyzing, testing, documenting, compiling, and running Dart code.
A Dart runtime for AOT-compiled snapshots.

For more information about the SDK, see its README file.

Filing bugs and feature requests

To see existing issues or create a new one, go to the SDK issue tracker.